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Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics Lecture

Upcoming Lecture

Molecular Markers to Personalize Cancer Detection and Therapy

Portrait of David Sidransky, MD

Distinguished Lecturer

David Sidransky, MD

Dr. Sidransky is the Director of the Head and Neck Research Division at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Professor of Oncology, Otolaryngology, Cellular & Molecular Medicine, Urology, Genetics, and Pathology at The Johns Hopkins University and Hospital. He has pioneered the detection of various molecular alterations in human cancer and bodily fluids, and has developed these markers for the detection and management of many tumors.

The Excellence in Molecular Diagnostics Lecture series recognizes outstanding leaders who are making ground-breaking contributions in molecular diagnostics and who have demonstrated broad and integrated approaches in the development and implementation of diagnostics commensurate with emerging technologies. Speakers in this series will have made significant achievement through fundamental observations, discoveries and intellectual contributions in the basic and applied sciences relevant to the practice of clinical molecular diagnostics.

Meeting Date

March 11, 2013

Meeting Time

10:00 - 11:30 am

Meeting Location

The NIH Lister Hill Auditorium
(Building 38A)

Point of Contact

Annalisa Gnoleba
Cancer Biomakers Research Group, NCI
(301) 594-7635

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