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RFA CA-03-001: Cooperative Grants for Nutritional Modulation of Genetic Pathways Leading to Cancer

The National Cancer Institute funds four research centers as part of the Nutritional Modulation of Genetic Pathways Leading to Cancer initiative. The goal of this initiative is to expand and facilitate fundamental research that will define the molecular basis by which dietary components influence cancer prevention.  The current initiative will foster creative collaborative and integrative research programs not only among basic, clinical, and population scientists, but also across very diverse fields of science and technology, in order to develop timely and comprehensive answers to the complex questions involving diet and cancer. It is anticipated that the information gained will provide guidance for the development of dietary intervention strategies that are effective in cancer prevention and targeted to individuals rather than the general population.

The funded research centers for the Nutritional Modulation of Genetic Pathways Leading to Cancer are:

Research Center Principal Investigator
Albert Einstein Cancer Center Montefiore Cancer Center
Bronx, NY
Leonard Augenlicht, PhD
Centers for Nutrient-Gene Interactions
University of Alabama, Birmingham

Birmingham, AL
Stephen Barnes, PhD
Epidemiology Center for Cancer Prevention
Harvard University

Boston, MA
David Hunter, MBBS, SCD
Lombardi Cancer Center Georgetown Univeristy
Washington, DC
Leena Hilakivi-Clarke, PhD

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