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RFA CA-03-016:
Diet, DNA Methylation and Other Epigenetic Events, and Cancer Prevention

Dietary Affects Upon Genomic Methylation in Trout Cancer
Brunelli, Joseph P.
Washington State University

Carciogenesis: Effects of Diet Deficient in Methyl Donors
Huang, Shi
Burnham Institute

Prognostic Significance of DNA and Histone Methylation
Piyathilake, Chandrika J.
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Epigenetics of Dietary and Body Fat on Prostate Cancer
Ruden, Douglas M.
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Altered Breast Methylation after Low/Hi Dose Isoflavones
Sauter, Edward R.
University of Missouri Columbia

Folate-Genome Interactions in Colorectal Cancer
Stover, Patrick J.
Cornell University Ithaca

Modeling Folate, One-Carbon Metabolism & DNA Methylation
Ulrich, Cornelia M.
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Reactivation Methylation-Silenced Genes by Polyphenols
Yang, Chung S.
Rutgers University

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