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Around Town

University of Utah

"The most gratifying aspect of this trial has been learning how many generous and terrific people live in our communities," Lisa Gren, coordinator at Utah PLCO says. "People we meet are excited about medical research and are so willing to help." Ms. Gren and her co-workers have traveled many places throughout Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, and Oregon to enroll participants.

Photograph of participants who helped the University of Utah reach its enrollment goalJeff Childs, recruiter, describes one unusual stop. "Usually we gather at the town library or hospital. But in Kanab, Utah, we were in the courtroom, seated in the jury box!" Ms. Gren says, "All of our staff have fond and vivid memories of each town we visited."

Participants can choose between the Salt Lake City, Utah clinic or the Boise, Idaho satellite clinic. Tom Beck, M.D., principal investigator in Idaho, says participants in Idaho have had even more impact than they realize. "Before we started with PLCO three years ago, we were not sure we could recruit enough people to a clinical trial in Idaho. Because PLCO has been so successful, we have expanded and are working on other cancer prevention studies."

Saundra Buys, M.D., principal investigator in Utah, says "Without participants, the PLCO trial is worth nothing. We appreciate all of the participants because they go out of their way to make this study possible."