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Carol Ringen - Boise, Idaho

Photogrpah of Carol Ringen and her husband, NormanCarol Ringen had very personal motivations for joining the PLCO trial at the Boise, Idaho screening center. "We have had a lot of cancer in our family recently. I lost my husband, Norman, to prostate cancer one-and-a-half years ago. Last year, my daughter-in-law's mother was diagnosed with lung cancer," Mrs. Ringen explains. Due to these experiences, Mrs. Ringen said, "My 6-year-old grandson is very worried about cancer. Now that I have joined PLCO, I tell him that I am doing something to help doctors learn how to stop cancer. This research will definitely help others, and it makes me alert to my own health and well-being."

Mrs. Ringen is an Idaho native. With the help of their daughter and two sons, Mrs. Ringen and her husband were ranchers who managed a herd as large as 80 beef cattle at their ranch home in Kooskia, Idaho (200 miles north of Boise). Today she is most likely to be spending time with her family, now including five grandchildren, whom, Mrs. Ringen says, "I get to spoil all the time." She also enjoys horseback riding, crocheting, and knitting.