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Portrait of Steele, Vernon, PhD, MPH

Vernon Steele, PhD, MPH

Chemopreventive Agent Development Research Group
Division of Cancer Prevention
National Cancer Institute
9609 Medical Center Drive, Room 5E454
Rockville, MD 20850
Phone (240) 276-7030
Fax (240) 276-7847
  • Dr. Vernon Steele is a Program Director and Group Leader for the Chemoprevention Agent Development Research Group in the NCI Division of Cancer Prevention. He earned his MS and PhD degrees in Radiation Biology at the University of Rochester in 1975 studying radiation effects on cell differentiation. He recently received his Masters of Public Health degree from Johns Hopkins University focusing on environmental toxicology.

    Dr. Steele was an NCI Postdoctoral Fellow at Oak Ridge National Lab, then a Staff Fellow for 5 years at NIEHS in the area of pulmonary carcinogenesis and toxicology. He then moved to an environmental research company in Research Triangle Park, NC where he worked for the NIEHS, EPA, DOD and NCI on a broad range of research projects, including teratology, genetic and pulmonary toxicology, and cancer chemoprevention. Since joining NCI in 1989, he has been a Program Director for in vitro and in vivo screening, animal efficacy, and intermediate biomarker programs for identifying and developing new chemoprevention agents, and investigating mechanisms in a variety of experimental cell and animal model systems. He is the author of over 250 peer-reviewed scientific journal papers, 21 book chapters, and has edited two books and two journal supplements.

  • Mechanisms of Cancer Prevention

  • Animal Models for Prevention Research

  • Experimental Lung Cancer

  • Chemopreventive Agent Development

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